RentPayment was founded in 1999 to simplify the payments process for rent and move-in expenses, making it easier for properties to close leases and collect rent on time.

The company is led by multifamily experts who understand the unique needs of the industry, because they’ve lived it themselves. More than a technology provider, RentPayment provides a human touch with a friendly customer service team, hands-on training, and tools to grow resident adoption.

In 2020, RentPayment was acquired by MRI Software, a global real estate technology leader that has served the multifamily industry since 1971. As part of the MRI LivingTM suite of property management tools, RentPayment continues to empowers multifamily properties to take better care of residents, business, and themselves.

There is such a thing as a sweet spot in payment processing. RentPayment is where it all comes together.

Competitive payment options

Offer residents multiple ways to pay, including credit, debit, and ACH. Integrate with flexible rent and bank bill pay options, providing even more flexibility without increasing the administrative burden on staff.


Through integrations with leading property management systems, RentPayment works with technology you already have. Gain peace of mind with intuitive reporting and industry-leading security protocols.

A trusted business partner

RentPayment understands the unique needs of the multifamily industry. A dedicated customer service team supports you and your residents with tools to grow resident adoption of convenient payment options.

MRI Living

The MRI LivingTM suite of property management tools provides you with lead-to-lease technology that helps you run a tighter ship without sacrificing your personal life in the process. And it’s all flexible enough to work together, separately, or alongside your existing property tech.

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