Accept payments anytime, anywhere

Give customers the convenience of paying storage fees with their debit or credit card whenever they want.

digital rent

Accelerate time-to-cash

Reduce the overhead needed to collect in-person payments. Remove roadblocks that delay payments when your customers set up autopay.

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Integrate with storage tech

Large storage chains and storage software providers can make digital payments part of their tech stack by integrating directly with storage tech.


Multiple payment methods

Accept payments online from your customers via all major methods of payment, including credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks (ACH), and more.

Level one PCI compliant

RentPayment for Self Storage is PCI DSS Level 1, meeting the highest information security standard level set forth in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Merchant accounts

As a payment processor focused on the unique needs of self-storage businesses, RentPayment for Self Storage simplifies the process of setting up and managing your merchant account so you can easily incorporate the technology into your operation without missing a beat.

Dynamic descriptors

Your customers can easily configure different descriptors for self-storage payments down to the line-item level, which improves the transaction experience and may reduce consumer confusion and resulting chargebacks.

Self Storage - <strong>Make online payments part of your technology offering</strong>

Make online payments part of your technology offering

Add RentPayment to your storage software to create more value for clients and simplify payments for end-users. RentPayment for Self Storage works with top-of-the-line storage tech providers, providing a convenient way to accept and manage payments through your self-storage management solution.

Self Storage - <strong>Simplify billing and fees</strong>

Simplify billing and fees

The RentPayment for Self Storage platform delivers the flexibility you need to manage how transaction costs are collected. With support for different fee models in different payment channels, the solution adapts and aligns with your reconciliation and billing process (not the other way around).

Self Storage - <strong>Reduce overhead and gain flexibility</strong>

Reduce overhead and gain flexibility

RentPayment for Self Storage offers pricing models that dramatically improve your ability to manage your costs of doing business. The online payment processing platform offers risk management and supports multiple business models including gratuity, incidentals, and shared/split payments.