Save time

RentPayment cuts your administration time by eliminating the need to collect and deposit paper checks.

digital rent

Easy for residents

Eight out of ten renters prefer to pay with a credit card, debit card, or ACH. We deliver these methods and more, covering the needs of banked and unbanked residents.

What is a CPN and how to protect your apartment community

Gain peace of mind

With nearly 20 years of multifamily experience, RentPayment is designed to address the unique needs of property management companies and our team of support experts is committed to client success.

Let residents pay their way with RentPayment

Multiple payment options

Make your residents self-sufficient by offering multiple convenient payment options. Your property and leasing staff will enjoy getting time back in their day!

Flexible rent

Allow residents the option to break their payments into smaller amounts paid throughout the month, on their schedule. Flexible Rent by Best Egg, a RentPayment partner, provides a resident-friendly benefit that helps you get paid on-time without burdening property staff.

Bank bill pay

Allow your renters to set up payments using their bank's bill pay services, online banking website, mobile banking app, or digital wallet.

Our customers enjoy happier residents and less hectic days

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