Can you split rent payments?

Split rent payments are partial payments made by a tenant with consent from the landlord. They can be hugely benefit for the tenant, and from the landlord’s perspective, keeping tenants happy is key to efficiently managing a property portfolio. In

Can a landlord refuse to accept rent payments?

Landlords are in the business of collecting rent. It’s how they earn money from their properties and it’s one of the main reasons they do what they do. But there are times when a landlord may refuse rent, and times when doing so is the best cours

Do late rent payments affect a tenant’s credit score?

Historically, rent didn’t contribute to a tenant’s credit score. That changed about a decade ago and “rent reporting” has been shaping US credit reports ever since. If a tenant fails to pay their rent on time, it can impact their credit score

What is rent payment software and how does it work?

As handy as Excel spreadsheets are for collecting and collating rent payments, there is an easier way, one that doesn’t entail dealing with endless cells of data and actually aims to make life easier for both landlords and tenants. Rent payment sof

What is a rent receipt and why are they important?

Rent receipts are written acknowledgments that your tenant has paid their rent. As a landlord or property manager, the simple process of issuing rent receipts can offer a host of benefits, from preventing potential disputes to building a strong landl

What are flexible rent payments and how do they work?

Meeting monthly rent deadlines is a common challenge for many renters. Factors like mismatched income payment schedules and fluctuating earnings often lead to difficulties in timely rent payments. For property owners and managers, this can be equally

How to set up ACH payments for rent

The start of each month brings the familiar hustle of rent collection, a task that often means sorting through numerous transactions and chasing late payments while still managing your other property management responsibilities. If you find yourself

The best way to collect rent as a landlord

Imagine, for a moment, that you’re a tenant. You’ve gone to pay your rent – a few days early – only, you’ve mistyped your password and been locked out of your account for the next week. It’d be worrying, right? Already, you’d be

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