Can a landlord refuse your rent payment?

As a landlord, successful rent collection is essential. It’s how you make money from your properties, cover maintenance expenses, and make any necessary improvements to make your property a valuable investment. Despite the importance of collecting

Is rent payment deductible from tax?

Renting out property comes with numerous financial benefits, from a steady income stream from rent collection to the potential for property value appreciation. While property renting can be a lucrative business, there are also financial complexities,

How to accept rent payments online

For landlords and property managers, online rent collection allows you to streamline your operations, improve on-time payments, and enhance security for your transactions. With the convenience of online rent payments, you can focus more on other prop

How to report tenant for non-payment of rent?

Tenants who fail to pay their rent can create significant problems for landlords and property managers. These non-payments disrupt your cash flow, making it challenging to cover maintenance costs and other property-related expenses. Reporting tenants

How long does it take for rent payment to process?

Rent payment processing involves a series of steps that transfer the rental funds from your tenant’s account into yours. The duration of the payment process will directly influence your cash flow, impacting your budgeting and financial planning. Un

Can I evict a tenant for non-payment of rent?

Dealing with tenants who fail to pay rent is more than just an inconvenience. It can lead to a domino effect of problems, from impacted cash flow to not completing maintenance tasks to a negative atmosphere among your other tenants. If you have a ten

Can you split rent payments?

Split rent payments are partial payments made by a tenant with consent from the landlord. They can be hugely beneficial to the tenant, and from the landlord’s perspective, keeping tenants happy is key to efficiently managing a property portfolio. I

Can a landlord refuse to accept rent payments?

Landlords are in the business of collecting rent. It’s how they earn money from their properties and it’s one of the main reasons they do what they do. But there are times when a landlord may refuse rent, and times when doing so is the best cours

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